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Still frame of the film

In the dead of night, Youtuber influencer Amber and her TikToker boyfriend Johnny, set up an occult summoning ritual for her upcoming online live stream. Amber is adamant she will gain a popularity boost for executing such a concept, though Johnny has his doubts. As the livestream begins, the couple sit across from each other, pentagram in between, and chant the name of the spirit, Noman, three times. All of the sudden, the candles and power suddenly go out. They soon discover supernatural forces are at play, leading to deadly results.

In the era of social media, one could be familiar with or follow individuals referred to as social media influencers. These people have developed an online reputation and credibility in specific industries. They’re motivated in increasing their power in attracting and engaging followers, even rewarded, through the use of product or brand endorsement. And some, by any means necessary. In this film, one shall see the consequences and darker side of escalating such a concept to dire, yet ignorant lengths.

—Matthew Robayo, Director
Short Horror 16 Minutes
Aspect Ratio 16:9 Shot on Sony FX3 Editing Software Adobe Premiere Pro VFX SoftwareAdobe After Effects Mixing Software Avid ProTools Coloring Software Adobe Premiere Pro Sound Mix Stereo Shooting Dates April 8th to April 10th, 2022 Completion Date December 13th, 2022 Shooting Locations Kendall and Cutler Bay, FL

The Team


Headshot of director Matthew Robayo

Director - Matthew Robayo

Matt Robb is a South Florida-based actor/filmmaker looking to find and make artistic opportunities within the industry. Credits range from performances in over thirty credited short films, four directed shorts, and seven editor credits. His collaborations include working with both students and independent filmmakers ranging from Miami Dade College, New York Film Academy, and the University of Miami. He is currently finishing his B.A.S in Filmmaking and is due to graduate at the end of 2022.

Headshot of Director of Photography Andres Grille

DP - Andres Grille

Andres Grille is a Puerto Rico native currently living in South Florida. A full-time filmmaker and professional video editor with years of experience editing and creating content. He has had a passion for filmmaking since his youth and used his talents in filmmaking and photography to express the narrative of many subjects through the years.
Andres is a graduate of New York Film Academy South Beach where he refined his skills in screenwriting, filmmaking, editing, and production.

Headshot of Production Designer Maria DeSoto

Production Designer - Maria DeSoto

Maria Soto is a New York native who now resides in South Florida. She was bitten by the Hollywood bug at a young age, having written her first sitcom script at 11. Maria spent her high school years in drama club and speech and debate, always the first to help with set design, AV, acting, and writing. Today she continues to peruse her dreams Hollywood dreams by writing, voice-over and helping on sets with her various skills whenever needed.


Headshot of cast Member Gabrielle Alexander

Gabrielle Alexander as Amber

A first-generation American born to Cuban & Peruvian immigrants and raised in Little Havana, Alexander directed and produced various award-winning shorts, and popular internet videos and has appeared in several dramatic projects while attending the School of Entertainment & Design Technology at Miami Dade College. While still in school, her professional career expanded throughout every area of the local film industry in south Florida, and she saw personal success when her work was selected by the internationally renowned Cannes Film Festival SFC in France. In addition to pursuing thought-provoking roles in the indie scene, Gabrielle has grown an audience of nearly 50,000 on her YouTube channel Muted Alpha Behavior.

Headshot of cast member Xuco Xuconoxtli

Xuco Xuconoxtli as Officer Nicholas Castillo

Xuco Xuconoxtli was born in Cordova, Veracruz, Mexico. His family arrived at the Texas-Mexico border in the early 1980s. In his teenage years, he had to work as an undocumented immigrant, he worked in the fields of agriculture when he was only 14 years old. In 1998, he was selected from among 1,000 entries and awarded a scholarship to study at the ARTCool Office of Cultural Affairs of the ARTCool Apprentice Program in Atlanta, with the purpose of exploiting his artistic skills at this institution. He stood out for his great talent in acting, music, and dance classes. As a lead singer, he had the opportunity to sing on national television and in different cities in Mexico with a Mexican band. He performed in Chicago, Illinois as a guest singer at the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute Convention. As an actor, he played multiple roles in different telenovelas, as well as having roles in American productions such as in The Chipmunks movie and in the Grand Hotel series.

Headshot of cast member Christian Lora

Christian Lora as Johnny

Chris Lora is an actor and filmmaker based in Miami, FL. He graduated with his B.A.S. in Filmmaking from Miami Dade College in 2017 and continues to pursue his career by working in multiple roles in the industry. His credits range from acting, directing, writing, camera assistant, and PA roles. More recently, he released on his thesis film “Cuba 2021” on to his YouTube channel. was providing production assistant work for the HBO series, “Rap Sh!t” and Apple TV’s Bad Monkey.


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